This is a blog by ELJU.EU. ELJU.EU is the webmaster of ELJU.EU, a website mostly made in Barcelona and whose subject is the film called VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. ELJU.EU followed the shooting almost each day taking pictures and videos and searching news and news about the film. Since the shooting ended just continued writing about Woody Allen, Scarlett, Penelope and Javier. This is one of the blogs of ELJU.EU and I think I will post here whatever happens since the release of the trailer some days before May 17th 2008, the magical day when the première will take place in Cannes.
Note on March 5th 2011: I no longer keep the domain Now I just keep the free domain WOODYALLEN.TK which redirects to this old blog about VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Helpful site. I just linked to you in a post.

  2. It is a month since I watched the film and I wonder for how long I will keep registered domains to link to this contnet or others related to this film. For now you can access the contents through or through . I am just reconsidering which domain to use. After all I can’t keep for ever a domain for the content related to the film so I imagine this content will become a part of a subdomain or something of another domain in the future.

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