About three or four years ago, Woody Allen came to Barcelona to shoot the film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. Since the first day, I approached the shooting scenarios and I took some pictures as the one you can see as header of this plot. I saw Woody Allen several times and also some of the actors and actresses. I put here some of the pictures. But now it is a long time ago so maybe it is time to think about and end to this blog. But before maybe I should make a summary of the best of the blog.

But who knows, maybe nobody cares much now about the shooting of the film so that it will remain just a good souvenir for the ones who followed the shooting of the film. I will always remember the people from whereisjohansson.wordpress.com. I remember that at one point we even had some friction as we wanted to be the first to give any news about the shooting.

I keep for myself all the pictures I took from those days and I hope to look to all this blog to summarize the best of it.

As you may know this blog was made by ELJU.EU. But even ELJU.EU will not be anymore my web quite soon. I hope to give you a new web quite soon.

BY THE WAY, AT https://vickycristinabarcelona.wordpress.com/copia-de-un-antiguo-blog-sobre-el-rodaje-de-vicky-cristina-barcelona/ YOU CAN FIND A COPY OF THE BLOG I USED AS THE SHOOTING WAS TAKING PLACE.