In some days there is an auction in Barcelona where you can buy a poster of Vicky Cristina Barcelona signed by Woody Allen. As I want to open a pub in Barcelona just called Vicky Cristina that kind of poster will be perfect for the local. Unfortunately, I do not think I can pay what they may ask … Anyway, lucky the one who gets it!

Just visit to see the things to be auctioned! Also things from Almódovar and a front page of Mortadelo by lovely Ibañez!


6 DE GENER DE 2009:

Acabo de veure que el poster ha estat adjudicat per 550 euros a Joan Josep. Jo encara hagués volgut donar més per tenir un poster així …

Per cert el domini ho han registrat a Austràlia … Hi ha lliure però no seré pas jo qui el registri. Estic fart de llançar els diners …