These last days and weeks I’ve read a lot of news related to Scarlett and Penélope and Vicky Cristina Barcelona and at the same time I’ve been busy about knowing more about the new Catalan Academy of Cinema ( )

But it is such a long time since I began writing about Woody Allen’s film in Barcelona ( I think in February 2007) that I am always considering I cannot follow writing and writing. VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA is now on the cinemas in a lot of countries and I should think about other things of my own.

But the news make me come back here again again. Even more, I even have discovered that this blog, JUST THIS BLOG, is the one thing I do that has the better rank in ALEXA, milions away from my other things! Currently is 3,264,918.

One reason more to follow writing here.

So let me summarize what I have been reading these last days. It is so summarised that you will have to look for more detail information in other places. My summarized summary:

… there are photos from newx film of Woody Allen in New York ( Whatever Works?)

… Scarlett was promoting a new film of her in Madrid. I think we will be able to see this film this Christmas.

… Penélope is receiving acclaims here and there so … so … it seems that the OSCAR may meet her way in some months.

… Woody Allen comes to Europe this Christmas to play. Not to Barcelona but to other places like, for example, Valladolid.

… Javier Bardem is shooting in Barcelona a new film.

Let me end by telling for the nth time my proposal taht a lesbian pub is opened in Barcelona with the name VICKY CRISTINA …


… I aquest migdia he sabut que Penélope Cruz i Javier Bardem han estat nominats també al Globus d’Or. Hem d’esperar a l’onze de gener de 2009 per saber des de Los Angeles que passa. Podeu saber-ne més a on també un pot fer pronòstics …

També podeu mirar …