Wow! Barack Obama, like me, believes in the power of Internet and he has just opened . I like that.

There you can leave comments. As I doubt that my comment will get published ( so many will be sent I imagine ) I just put here what My comment looked like :



In 2004 I went on holiday to the US. In New York, as a souvenir, a bought an American flag. Since then I just had  the flag on the wall. For me it was just a souvenir. It just reminded me that I have been once in New York and nothing more.
Then the day when Barack Obama won I just was going to sleep when for some seconds I took, casually, sight of the flag.

You may believe me or not but something very special happened! For the first time since I had bought the flag, I was proud to have the flag! For the first time the red color and the blue color were bright to me. The flag was alive! For the first time I looked at the flag with passion! I was proud to have the flag of a country that had elected as president Barack Obama. The American flag gave me peace and happiness. I felt as if a friend had won the White House.

Cheers from Barcelona