I think this is one of the first blogs to translate into English this news. So let me you welcome, first, to this blog of EL JU.EU about VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

The news is that a photographer and wiriter called ALEXIS DE VILAR says there has been plagiarism. VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA would be a plagiarism from his 1987 novel GOODBYE BARCELONA.

I wonder what will happen next. Let me just point out one thing. the first name of the film was going to be MIDNIGHT IN BARCELONA and not MIDNIGHT TO BARCELONA as I have read. Secondly I thing the title changed because the script changed. At first some tourists were supposed to arrive at midnight at Barcelona.

I have realised that once known that somebody accuses Woody Allen, then it seems that there is no doubt obout it. I do not know which is the truth. The only thing I can say is that my first feeling was that plagiarism could not be true. But I may be wrong. Let’s wait and see.

I hope to know more about Alexis de Vilar because I had never heard of him before.

The website of Alexis de Villar is ww.alexisdevilar.net and there you can read a first chapter.