Lost in the middle of the countryside were Gaudí was born I sat down in an almost empty dark blue velvet cinema as thunder and rain could be heard inside. So at 4 pm, on September 19th 2008, about 15 people were going to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the original language and with Spanish subtitles …

… and ELJU.EU’s impression was one of watching a nice and very sad film! Romantic and touchy. It is true that after following the shooting through Barcelona and all news since, I almost had the feeling of having watched the film but this was not so.

This is a film that invites you to live but at the same time tells you the risks. In this film Woody Allen puts a lot of flamenco on it so that some fundamentalist people may criticize that not been as the action takes most of the action in Barcelona. The only thing I can say is that thanks to Woody Allen I love flamenco. I almost fell to tears with such sad songs. Somtimes it is necessary that someone comes from abroad to enjoy what we have around us.

One of the scenes I found more beautiful is when Vicky and Juan Antonio after listening to flamenco go through a garden (it is EL JARDÍN FRANCÉS in Asturias I think) and stay next to a tree. Then as they are going to kiss they fall and they dissapear from the image! What a wonderful way of filming and how romantic! (only an unfulfullied scene can be romantic …?)

There are locations from Barcelona that easy to recognise. For example the terrace next to Macba with a CNT shop nearby. Or next to Palau Nacional at the stairs. In Ramblas I wonder where the shooting took place. I think I see a shop called xerinol.la or something.

At one point we listen to EL NOI DE LA MARE. I sang it at school and I know the lyrics so I felt touched. To put the song with a Asturian background made me feel happy. Flamenco in Barcelona, a Catalan song in Asturias. That’s cinema! By the way, who is the actor playing Juan Antonio’s father?

I also liked the white furniture of the beds of the house were Vicky and Cristina had been invited.

The Catalan actors are seen just seconds been the “Asturian doctor” the most prominent. There are three houses I wonder were they are. The one of Juan Antonio and the one of the guests in Barcelona ( I say two houses because I think that the entrance to this house and the terrace are different houses! The entrance I think is in Musitu street because of the bouganvileas)

I am happy to have seen twice Rebecca Hall in Barcelona knowing she was going to have an important paper as she does. I think she’s lovely in the film and I found her lovely in Barcelona.

About Scarlett just say that this morning I dreamt with her as I knew that today I was going to see the film. I also dreamt with her in the Cannes Première. Today she just was smiling and I was passing nearby. How lovely smile. In the first dream she was in a cinema that consisted in countryside (what a strange dream)

Before continuing just say that I saw the film thanks to a nice woman because my ticket had fallen to the ground in a cmputer store and that lady came to me to ask me if it was mine. So in some way I had be given a free present as the ticket was at some point from her, wasn’t it?

I must say that this film has made me realised that cinema is something hard and full of love. The Correfoc in Santa Maria del Mar is seen in just three or four seconds and I remember a whole evening shooting preparations for that shooting.

I also like the red sofa in Hotel Fuster when Vicky and her guest talked.

I find funny that to leave Barcelona you go downstairs in El Prat airport (It looks very crystal modern)

I wonder which restaurant we see when Juan Antonia meets her friends ( I recognise La lloll)

There is also a fantastic view of a gothic street.

OK. let’s me comment less on details and give a general opinion of the film. Well, I found it very interesting. It made me see that we have different options and that we sometimes we take the easier one but not the one that our heart wants. CHRONIC DISSATISFACTION is mentioned in the film. WHAT WE REALLY WANT?

To end just say that only the original version may have sense because there is a play between Spanish and English between Juan Antonio ( Javier Bardem) and Maria Elena ( Penélope Cruz ) that gets LOST IN TRANSLATION …

The photography is wonderful and the atmospheres very cosy. I understand perfectly well that Americans who watch the film want to come to Barcelona. I also would like to be in the Barcelona that Woody Allen depicts …

I do not write more about the locations because I have already done that for months. I was surprised to see the scene in Park Güell. Woody Allen puts the drake between Vicky and Juan Antonio. That image is unforgettable! Gaudí seems to come alive through the drake and the water pouring through its big mouth!

Tomorrow is the premiere in Barcelona in L’Auditori. I hope to be able to be around there and see some of the actors and the director.

 Thanks, Woody! Gràcies, Woody!