Today was going to be the day I would be dedicated to find information about the premiere of Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In fact, I have already seen images of Woody Allen and Javier Bardem.

But then, I read these kind of news that makes you reflect on things. I hope that Woody Allen does not mind that I change today the subject of this blog and I dedicate this blog to Enric Duran. After all, it is Woody Allen one of the people who through his films have made me familiar with robbery of banks.

Well, let me explain, it seems that there is a man, call ENRIC DURAN ( would be his website ) who has made a fraud to banks of nearly 500.000 euros. In a kind of Robin Hood way. He has even made a video explaining everything. To listen to such a Robin Hood in Catalan has made me felt as a bit close to his doings. It seems that now he has dissapeared. So the intrigue is even greater than in some of the greatest works of the maestro, Woody Allen ( I wonder if his abroad or just hidden in the forests near Vilanova i La Geltrú beaches …)

I imagine I am crazy but I have just registered to follow the history of this Catalan Robin Hood of our times.


Here there is a video to see him:

There is also a video of himself explaining his famous doings.

October 24th 2008 – I have found this video from October 17th 2008 were Enric Duran explains his doings with three banks

I hope one day Enric Duran explains us how he manage to live abroad and tell us his experience. One can be in favour or against what he did, but I find so interesting for a film what he has done and is doing that I do not regret to have added this post in this VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA blog.

I remind you again that this post can be reached through, an unofficial website about Enric. You can visit his site at