It is Sunday. It is September 14th 2008. Next Friday Vicky Cristina Barcelona will finally be screened in Barcelona. ELJU.EU should be happy for that but to be sincere I am a bit sad. I feel sad because the shooting of Vicky Cristina Barcelona was a big event to me and since February 2007 I wrote in Internet about the future film. So I feel that next September 19th is the end of an experience. Maybe I am more romantic than I know so that only an unfufilled love for something can be romantic . So to watch the film would be to fulfill the experience and would become no romantic … 

I will be able to watch the film that I followed during the shooting and it bring bring a lot of memories but all will be past. All gone. Except Penélope Cruz I was able to watch most of the big names in the film. I happily remember to have seen Rebecca Hall in Pla de Palau talking to a crew member. I knew who she was but she passed almost unattended. I also rember how the same day Scarlett Johansson came to Plaça de Santa Maria. I remember she coming though the crowded gothic streets next to the square. How nice was that moment. And the beautiful correfoc which followed. I also remember a deserted Musitu street at 9 am and then a car going upwards. It was Woody Allen. I also remember that a young woman used to be a kind of second Johansson in order to test the light.

 I remeber how she talk to the little audience outside Els Quatre Gats. I remember talking with Javier Aguirresarobe. I have a wonderful photo of both of us but I feel uncomfortable publishing it now. I also remember when I found in a basketball call sheet number 13. In Paaseig de Gràcia with Diagonal. I also remember the great job of other websites like . They always had better photos than me but unfortunately when the shooting ended the blog ended too. I also remember DoubleT with hundreds of photos! And I remember the little videos we put in You tube and some photos in Flicks. I remember the crew, in particular a barman to whom I said he appeared with Woody Allen in one photo in the first catering day in Barceloneta. I also remember Woody Allen in the beach and the phto I took. I also remember the hundrereds of people in La Pedrera and how he said bye-bye. 

I also remember how the last days I used to promenade near Hotel Arts with the dream to see Woody Allen. While all that happen I had quite a difficult life in Barcelona and this shooting was one of the few things that made me forget all my miseries. I also remember to have knows misterious places next to Putxet Park thanks to the Musitu house shooting.

So in some days all that was shooting will appeared in a screen in less than two hours. And then what?

I imagine that afterwards just the memories. Like the ones who followed Ava Gardner in the Tossa de Mar shooting.

Well, I should be in a better mood as the première in Barcelona becomes so close. After all, it seems that some actors and actresses and maybe even Woody Allen will come to Barcelona on September 20th 2008. I wonder if the film will be appreciated in Barcelona as so little Catalan or nothing is sopken.

By the way, I also remember that La Lloll also took part of the film … and the mother of Max from El Cord de La Ciutat …( they appear at the edges!)