On September 19th 2008 VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA will be screened finally in Barcelona.

As I can imagine that some media will try to give a false image of Catalan people let me advance myself to what you may read quite soon.

Let me explain.

Some months ago the Catalan producer of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Jaume Roures, said that VCB will only be screened in Catalonia in Catalan and in the original version. That news travelled the globe thanks to some typical media mostly from the lovely city of Madrid.

Well, it seems that finally the film will be also screened in Spanish but mostly in Catalan so that that typical press may say some things that later will travel around the globe. So here, you have the view from someone who lives in Barcelona:

Catalan is the official language of Catalonia. Spanish is the official language of Spain. This means that currently both languages are official in Catalonia.

Well, it happens that most of the films screened in Catalonia are screened only in Sapnish. BUT THAT IT IS NOT BIG NEWS FOR SOME TYPICAL MEDIA … so that it does not receive attention worlwide. But then, a man, rightly or wrongly, tries to do something similar. But he choses catalan. Then that is a scandal. Judge for yourself.

Anyway, I wish that thoses who care so much about the Spanish language in Catalonia care so much also for the Catalan. In that way, I could sympathise with their ideas. Meanwhile, just tell them, that in Catalonia we can care ourselves for both languages spoken here.

If one takes into account that Catalan is almost not heart in the film I understand in some way the reaction of Jaume Roures.

Anyway, if I had been the producer, I just would have released the film in the original language …. Mostly English.

Coming so many tourist to our land, it is crazy we translate film and do not see them in the original version! The more English we know, the more competitive we would be in the global market. But it seems we have other worries here.