While Pedro Almodovar has his own website it seems that Woody allen has none. And he does not seem to care. Some months ago I felt dissapointed for that reson but each day I feel less dissapointed and I even thing it may be good.

I have lost so much precious time browsing through Internet that just the possibility of avoiding Internet is almost a dream!

I do not know why Woody does not has big interest for Internet. I wonder if it is just the age although there are people of his age who like Internet.

It is obvious he could have a website and lots of people would visit his website. But, what kind of website would it be?

I cannot imagine Woody Allen paying money to someone to create a website about him. Or Woody Allen chatting through Internet.

How lucky not to lose time with Internet anyway …  

Neverhteless, if he finally had a website, I wonder what name he would chose. www.woodyallen.com seems obvious but I do not imagine Woody taking the easy way. I imagine him having a website with a strange name (remember the title of VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA)

I propose to propose to Woody Allen a name for a website for him …

One proposal:  www.theysaythisismywebsite.com

another … www.ididnotwanttohaveitbuttheyinsisted.com

ot … www.iamnotsurewhichdomainishouldchoose.com




www.thedomainofwoodyallen.com maybe better?