Anyone from New York may know that the New York shown by Woody Allen is not EXACTLY the New York one can see once in New York. The same hapens to Barcelona. So before you come to Barcelona let me just tell you what Woody Allen did not tell you in his film.

First of all, once in Barcelona you will realise that people do not speak English so fluently as Juan Antonio does. Quite the opposite. But if this is not enough you will discover another thing that Woody Allen did not tell you: some very disgusting people, like myself have the bad habitude to speak a language that is called Catalan … Sorry, Mr. Woody Allen for been so rebellious … nevertheless do not worry .. even if in English we are not very fluent, people in Barcelona are very fluent in Spanish … (that’s a joke …)

So I am afraid that if you come to Barcelona you will discover that Woody Allen took a lot of liberty.

The same liberty that one could show if shooting a film about Manhattan with people just speaking Spanish (What a surprise for those who then would go to Manhattan and discover that another language, called English, is also spoken …)

Another thing that Woody Allen did not tell you is that Barcelona is not so glamorous as shown. But anyway, this also happens with New York so I do not have to say no more.

To end just say that I am sad that Woody Allen has given an image of Barcelona without Catalan. Gaudí, the one that Woody Allen admires so much was once arrested because he refused to speak Spanish instead of the official language of Catalonia.

Anyway, I still admire Woody Allen. I cannot forget the wit in his films. When I saw him in Barcelona I saw he brought peace to the shooting even if surrounded by hundreds of fans. What a nice man!