One of the aspects of Vicky Cristina Barcelona that draws ELJU.EU attention is the appearance of Gaudí works in a Woody Allen film.

Above you can see an imge published in EL PAIS ( )

from a new museum, EL GAUDÍ CENTRE REUS, just created some months ago in the city where Gaudí was born and currently I write this …:Reus.

While Woody Allen was shooting in Barcelona, just knowing the passion of Woody for Gaudí, I just dreamt that some shooting could have taken place in this museum. It would have given an image of Gaudí quite different with, for example, a blu crystal Park Güell (

Anyway, I hope to watch the film quite soon to talk about the works of Gaudí that can be seen. As far as I know, Park Güell, La Pedrera, La Finca Güell and La Sagrada Família are on the film.

I remember as Woody Allen was shooting in front of La Pedrera during hours surrounded by hundreds of people. He was just with his thoughts and I remember that at one point he even looked with curiosity at a columm as wondering about the kind of stone and shape.

I also remeber that before entering his car he looked at the people from Barcelona and he smiled at us. It was a kind of smile like the one of take the money and run! He seemed to me a lovely person. He just seemed to bring peace to the whole shooting!