If you have watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona or you want to see it then it is possble you stumble into this blog as you search for information about this film. Before continuing, in case you are in a hurry, just tell you that http://www.vickycristina-movie.com is the oficial website, at least the US oficial website.

This blog you are visiting is from someone (“el jueu”) who lives in Barcelona and last summer followed the shooting of the film in places like Santa Maria Church, La Pedrera by Gaudí. You can watch videos and photos at http://www.elju.eu ( el jueu stands for the jew in Catalan and it was a website about Barcelona Jewish heritage. As nobody visited it I used it as a website about the shooting of one of my favourite jews: Woody Allen.

ElJU.EU used to have a blog in Spanish where people wrote about the shooting. I personally loved to visit whereisjohansson.wordpress.com to follow the shooting.

I had the idea to have some venue in Barcelona related to Woody Allen so I imagine a Lesbian Pub called VICKY CRISTINA with a big poster of the kiss betwwen Pe and Scarlett. So I got http://www.vickycristina.com

As this pub is uncertain I also offered for free http://www.vickycristina.com as oficial website for the film with the condition that Catalan and Spanish were also used. No answer from the US Weinstein group or the Catalan group Mediapro (senyor, Roures, truqui’m!)

So this blog is a place for all who love Woody Allen films including its locations!

If I can be of any help to any visitor to Barcelona just tell me so!

You also can visit http://www.barcelonamovies.com where currently you can read the locations of VCB.