Until now I have seen three videoclips of the film. The first one had the song of Barcelona by Giulia y Los Tellarini. The second one has a converstation between Penélope and Scarlett where Maria Elena said to Cristina she had looked at her luggage. The third one has the MGM lyon …

In this third videoclip, at the beginning there is an approach to Barcelona through the motorway and we see in a blue board BARCELONA. I love this shooting because it brings to memory what you feel a place through the motorway! These boards are very enchanting.

I imagine that maybe we are supposed to think that this is the motorway between the airport (l’aeroport de EL PRAT) and Barcelona. But for anyone living in Barcelona or nearby one cannot watch this film by asking oneself: where was this shooting? (this is agravated if you followed the shootings!)

So I wonder where that motorway shooting was … and I think I know!

It was in motroway C58 betwwen Sabadell and Barcelona. C58 can be seen at the top of the blue board. On the right there is a white board where you can read: MONTCADA, RIPOLLET CERDANYOLA. And in the videoclip we see a mountain! I think I know that mountain! It is avery ugly mountain between Barcelona and Cerdanyola. It is a very sad mountain because it is like broken because of changes made by humans. A kind of industrial mountain without much vegetation. I think that is the mountain we see. Cerdanyola is a city with a river next to the UNIVERSITAT AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA, so a Universitary City I imagine. I know well this village. Ripollet and Cerdanyola are together. Montcada has a lot of railway stations even if not a big city.

In the above google map one can see how Woody Allen plays with location …

Look where the airport is , Barcelona is and where the location in C58 is. Vicky and Cristina are entering Barcelona through the north part of Barcelona!

I imagine this kind of things happen very oft but few times one can know that if you do not know the place of location!

This is the videoclip with the motorway blue board:

The second videoclip I mention is at


And the first video is: