The poster you see above is not the original poster of Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It has been modified. A horizontal turn has ocurred so that now Scarlett Johansson is on the right of the poster and Javier Bardem is on the left.

This may seem a trivial and stupid thing to do but let me explain why I think the modification is interesting.

For years I have realised that when I look a person through a glass it looks different. This may happen because maybe I just look to one part of the face so that when looking at the glass I look at the other side.

I feel very happy to explain this effect through this wonderful poster ( I hope nobody minds the modification)

I recommend you look at the original and the modified poster (below it is the original)

I am not certain but as in the languages I write I begin on the left and I

continue on the right I think that when I look at an image I may begin looking on the left.

Then in the original poster Javier Bardem is the first focus of attention followed by two women.

In the modified poster the focus of attention is, for me, Scarlett Johansson and Penélope and Bardem just have a secondary position. So the message is quite different. I wish pople who write hebrew or arabic could say something!

In the modified image Scarlett Johansson does not look the same! In the modified image I pay attention to her eye. In the original image I just look at the lips! AM I CRAZY? AM I IMAGINING THAT I IMAGINE THESE THINGS? ANY ONE THERE HAVING SIMILAR TWILIGHT ZONE EXPERIENCES …?

Another thing to consider is that in the modified image the heart of Scarlett is closer to the center of the picture. In the original poster the hands of Penélope Cruz are almost touching the heart of Javier Bardem.

For anyone having been in a menage à trois this poster is very good. Scarlett Johansson face says so much about what one feels.