Some years ago there was a lesbian pub near Diagonal and Passeig de Gràcia. In a little street of Gràcia, a neighbourhood in Barcelona. In fact near Hotel Fuster were Woody Allen played jazz on summer 2007 while shooting Vicky Cristina Batcelona.

The new pub called VICKY CRISTINA is also a lesbian pub in Barcelona and is decorated with photos from the film that Woody Allen with the names of three beauties: Vicky, Cristina and Barcelona.

In Vicky Cristina there is however a big image in one of the walls:

big poster of the pub

This pub was born from a dream . Yeah, from a dream, really.

Yesterday I read a lot about the comments from the première in Cannes so last night I woke up about each hour with the phrase on mind VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. That happened as I was sleeping in one of the most strange places in Barcelona I can imagine: just at the beginning of a corridor somewhere …

The last part of thoses dreams interrupted with wakening up was was a dream were I was very happy because I have found the subject of the domain A new lesbian pub would be open in Barcelona and the name would just be VICKY CRISTINA. I must admit that it was one of the most happy dreams I ever had. In my dream I was quite sure that finally I had found a reasonable and superb idea.

Well, now it is about 13 hours after I woke up but it is still Sunday May 18th 2008. The lesbian pub VICKY CRISTINA will open quite soon in Barcelona. I have no money to open it myself but I am sure that somebody will put the money. I also know that it will become a pub not just for lesbians but for people from around the world which visit the planet. It will be the most famous lesbian pub worlwide and at the same time the less lesbian pub of all lesbian pubs as everybody will want to be it. So maybe lesbians will know that they are not majority in this lesbian pub but they will know that the pub is their own kingdom. And the food will be good, so good as Woody Allen finds our food. Come on, businessmen! What are you waitinf for? We have the dream, we have the domain so let’s start biulding the pub: VICKY CRISTINA. And been this pub in Barcelona we may put to VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. And if the pub becomes known and know then we always could have other pubs worldwide: VICKY CRISTINA NEW YORK, VICKY CRISTINA PARIS, VICKY CRISTINA LONDON, VICKY CRISTINA VENEZIA.