ELJU.EU was one of the few luckiest people who were able to watch Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona this Saturday. At la Première in Cannes. Surrounded by journalists from all over the world. At the end of the review I will explain more about how ELJU.EU was able to be so lucky.

ONe of the first surprises you get when watching the film is that it does not seem a Woody Allen film. At least not a typical one. The shadow of Pedro Almódovar seems to be everywhere. In fact this film looks quite exotic.

Nevertheless it has something that is very much related to Woody Allen but that must be a secret that should not be revealed. I just will only say that in this film one of the actress used a gun.

The actress is called Penélope Cruz and I wonder if she could win a oscar with her interpretation. She is the ex-wife of Javier Bardem. She is Elena and he is Juan Antonio. Juan Antonio is a painter and in this film you are going to see that he is a Don Juan. Rebecca Hall (Vicky) and Scarlett Johansson (Cristina) are the two American tourists who will be attracted by this man. But not all the kisses are between the American and Juan Antonio. There is a scene where Elena and Cristina kiss each other in a red room for photo development.

One of the best things of the film is the music. Giulia and the Tellarini with the Barcelona song was one of my favourites songs.

There are other actors and actree to be seen as Clarkson or Messina. Catalan actors appear not much and Catalan is not heard much.

But Barcelona is everywhere and one understands why the name of Barcelona is in the title. We are able to see Scarlett Johansson taking pictures in Barceloneta Restaurant of the port. We see her at the Barceloneta beach. We see Cristina walking through La Rambla.We also see in the film images of Macba. Fundació Joan Miró. Palau Nacional, Hotel Fuster, There is a beautiful show of fire called correfoc in front of Santa Maria. Guess which music Woody Allen chose for that special moment. We also see streets from El Born. Sometimes this film seems a tourist guide because the painter shows the tourists the city so that the spectators of this film will discover Barcelona through this film. “Woody Allen, your personal guide to Barcelona”. So will also see Sagrada Familia and even its peaks from the entrance to Hospital de Sant Pau. Gaudí buildings are very important for this film so you will also see besides Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera (beautiful views from the terrace with a pink umbrella and Scarlett with her wonderful blonde hair), and Park Güell with the Drac. And also La Finca Güell in Pedralbes. There are also views from El Tibidabo. At one point action takes place in Els 4 Gats although we see it with other kind of paintings. Being Juan a painter it is nice Woody Allen shows us the place where Picasso used to meet his friends.

There is also a pretty French Terrier dog and we see it in Parc de La Ciutadella. The owner of the dog is from Lleida and the film does not say that but I know that and in http://www.midnightinbarcelona.com you can see photos of this pretty dog (and also of my beautiful cat, Midnight, now in heaven)

The time dedicated to Barcelona is so big in this film that I wonder if Vicky Cristina Barcelona won’t become the official guide to Barcelona. So in this film you will also be able to see the wonderful square Plaça Felip Neri, one of the most beautiful places one can imgine and where Woody Allen took a snap. See what Javier Bardem is doing in that square. We also have images from more rural houses near Barcelona. Very Mediterranean.

There are also scenes taken at the sea, in a boat from an Austurian owner.

And Asturias is also in the film and one can see that Woody Allen loves Oviedo and Avilés.

We see a picnic in green grass, we see bycicles, we see the church of Naranco, we see El Jardín Francés, we see Hotel Reconquista, we see the lighthouse and we also see the famous street with arches and a terrace.

This is a film where we will see a lot of beauty. Rebecca, Scarlett, Penélope and Bardem are magnificent and the film gives an image a new image of Barcelona. A letter from Barcelona to the rest of the world.

Ok. Now it is time to explain how I was able to be at the première in Cannes. The answer is quite simple: I just dreamt I was there. Not so difficult when Barcelona and Cannes are so close. I also dreamt I was one day older …