It has been said that VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA could make Barcelona more attractive for more tourists to come. Anyway, I always have the feeling that in Barcelona the tourists are the eternal residents of the city and that the residents are just like tourists sightseeing always the same city.

I have realised that the trailer from Woody Allen has been watched by thousands and thousands of people. This peole may watch too the film and maybe feel attracted to come to Barcelona.

But another thing that I cannot forget is THE SONG OF GIULIA Y LOS TELLARINI. This is a very beautiful song with a very soft voice and I wonder if VCB will bring interest for the Spanish language (the Catalan language has not yet be heard on this trailer)

In Barcelona you can hear a lot the English language and also the Spanish language. But any person who lives in Barcelona and it is proud of Barcelona it is difficult he or she does not speak Catalan at least a bit.

That it is what it is so wonderful about Barcelona. There is a Barcelona that speaks Catalan, there is a Barcelona that speaks Spanish. There is a Barcelona that speaks English. And so and so with other languages.

I imagine that in this film we won’t hear much the Catalan language but I realise that it is just the Catalan culture what makes Barcelona so interesting. Not because the people from abroad get crazy to learn Catalan BUT BECAUSE THAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT. Without the Catalan culture as a background I wonder if genius like Gaudí had flourished. We wouldn’t even have football teams like Barça.

When I was a child I used to have a secret language that I shared with a girl. That was fascinating for our relationship. We had our own world. I see the Catalan culture too as that secret language.