It seems that in some years Barcelona may have a museum about Woody Allen. If this is thae case I keep some pictures from the shooting of VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA with Woody Allen watching the sea in Barceloneta. I also keep some papers from the shooting that I found myself while following the shooting in Barcelona.

It is years that Scarlett Johanssson has astonished the world with her beauty and her smile but now I am quite impressed to know that her own family relied on public help for food. She has said that in an statement that accompanies a video of her for FEEDING AMERICA. I am very amazed because I followed the shooting of VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA about eight years ago in Barcelona and I never imagine Scarlett in nned. I always imagine herself from a wealthy family from New York. So I am shocked. The good thing is that by telling the world about this she can help a lot people helping to feed people in nned. Who on earth can resist to help feeding others having in mind Scarlett?

Woody Allen is news again but not for a new film but because Dylan Farrow has written an open letter to The New York Times:


So about 7 years after Woody Allen endED the shooting of Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Barcelona, the director is again on the spotlight as it is too Scarlett Johansson. Woody Allen showed as a sexual abuser by Dylan Farrow and Scarlett Johansson leaving Oxfam because of her ad from a company in Israel with its main factory in internationally illegally occupied territories.

Well, in my defense I can say that when I made this blog where evidently I show adoration for Woody Allen and Scarlet none of these two events (the open letter and the ad) had taken place.

Wow! I never thought that I would have fresh news to write again in this blog about old film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA!
But now it seems that PENÉLOPE CRUZ will be shooting again with WOODY ALLEN.
So, I won’t be starting a new blog! I just will be using this old blog to write about the new film!
I wonder where the shooting will tak eplace. Will it be again in Barcelona. I do not think so but who knows, maybe in Madrid? Or in New York? I think it will be ROME! ROMA!



I can’t believe this! This is an old blog about an old film, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, and this blog is still receiving about 50 visits each day!
Anyway, now I have decided to make clear that this blog can be reached directly through WOODYALLEN.TK.
It is years since VCB. Now Scarlett is not longer with the old boyfriend she had when she came to Barcelona and soon we will see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS …

About three or four years ago, Woody Allen came to Barcelona to shoot the film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. Since the first day, I approached the shooting scenarios and I took some pictures as the one you can see as header of this plot. I saw Woody Allen several times and also some of the actors and actresses. I put here some of the pictures. But now it is a long time ago so maybe it is time to think about and end to this blog. But before maybe I should make a summary of the best of the blog.

But who knows, maybe nobody cares much now about the shooting of the film so that it will remain just a good souvenir for the ones who followed the shooting of the film. I will always remember the people from I remember that at one point we even had some friction as we wanted to be the first to give any news about the shooting.

I keep for myself all the pictures I took from those days and I hope to look to all this blog to summarize the best of it.

As you may know this blog was made by ELJU.EU. But even ELJU.EU will not be anymore my web quite soon. I hope to give you a new web quite soon.


Proa acaba de publicar un libro, AMB ULLS AMERICANS, donde un joven norteamericano viene a Barcelona a conocer la cultura catalana y acaba liado involuntariamente con un asesor municipal gay y como gigolo de una vieja familia rica barcelonesa.

Mientras me duchaba esta mañana he caido en la cuenta de los parecidos de esta novela con el guion de Vicky Cristina Barcelona:

– Alguien de Estados Unidos viene a Barcelona.

– Hay un interes por conocer la cultura catalana.

– Hay relaciones homosexuales y hasta hay tres de por medio

No se si la novela esta publicada tambien en otros idiomas pero pronto lo sabre …